Our Client Testimonials

"Just wanted to send some feedback through that my mom was so pleased with the service she received last week. I can't thank you enough for taking the time and care with her. When I visited over the weekend, she brought up the pedicure a few times, which is usually a sign that she is more than happy, she is thrilled.Thank you for making mom feel safe, comfortable and relaxed!" Regards,
~ Jenni (on behalf of Mom at Village of Mill Creek)

Thank you for the excellent service. I appreciate knowing that all your working instruments are well-sterilized and that you have professional nursing experience... especially when dealing with foot health issues such as corns and ingrown toenails. Love the light-hearted environment as well, as it make the experience enjoyable too.
~ Donna (RSSC)

How to Contact us at A1 Foot Care

A1 Foot Care serves Kelowna in British Columbia.

Call: 250 - 878 - 9710